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Finding the right generator can be stressful but by scheduling a site survey with us all of your questions will be answered. Winter weather is very unpredictable and no one wants to wake up or come home to busted pipes because you lost power in freezing temperatures. Summer is right around the corner along with

Winter Weather

The weather seems to be turning cold very soon! Don't wait to have your unit serviced before freezing temperatures arrive. Call us at 804-435-7120 to schedule!

Keep your family safe

Power outages are unpredictable. The best way to protect your family from threatening situations caused by outage is to invest in back up power solutions. With stand-by generators, your family will have peace-of-mind knowing power outages won't be on their list of worries. Generators offer protection from dangerous situations that can happen during a power

Avoiding Carbon Monoxide

Pressure washers, water pumps and portable generators can certainly make life easier, but ensuring their safe operation is important. CO is dangerous, and following the guidelines is the only way to ensure your safety. CO exposure commonly occurs when an engine-powered product is used indoors or too close to the home. Some homeowners believe that simply opening

Stay Aware!

Please stay aware of what's happening in the Atlantic Ocean. We still have two months left in hurricane season. Make sure your generator has been serviced for the year and you are performing power failure simulations to assure your transfer switch is in working order.

Hurricane Irma

We are really hoping this hurricane pushes to the west of us but please be prepared for an outage with the wind gust and rain they are saying we will get Tuesday. Keep everyone in it's path in your thoughts!

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