Power Outages

We have been experiencing major weather threats lately. Are you prepared for an outage? Power outages can have devastating effects on your home and family regardless of the season. If your home is not equipped with a backup power system, it’s imperative that you stay prepared for unexpected power outages. Make sure that you are […]

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Hope everyone has had a great week! Prepare for a wash out this weekend with the rain ahead. Keep this picture in your mind to help!

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter from NNG!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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How lucky is everyone from not getting hurt from this! The community really came together to help everyone clean this up. We were out moving as best we could through roads that were open to help everyone we could! Please don’t forget to have your generator serviced or get that free site survey for one […]

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Promotion Time!!

I think it’s time for a promotion!! Who wants a free pressure washer? With the purchase of a Generac home standby generator before March 31st you will receive a FREE 3100 PSI Pressure Washer! BUT there is more.. not only will you receive a free pressure washer but until March 24th you’ll receive a FREE […]

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First Snow!

Are you ready for our first snow of the year? Have you had your generator serviced to protect your family from a mass outage? If you haven’t please give us a call so we can make sure everything is working properly and to give you peace of mind.

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Protect Your Generator

For automatic standby generator owners, ensuring your unit is prepared for operation at all times is of the utmost importance, particularly during the winter months. When proper maintenance is not scheduled, subsequent issues may occur. Whether you want to prevent your pipes from freezing or ensure your family stays warm when power isn’t available to […]

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Happy Holidays

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Welcome December

Only 24 days until Christmas! How many are ready for the holidays? I know we are here in the office! I wonder if we’ll get snow this Christmas or a 70 degree day like last year.

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Portable Prepardness

Winter months are right around the corner and for those who have portables it is important to have it prepared for winter storage along with your other lawn equipment for long term storage. Take a look at this list of things to do!

Completely drain the unit of fuel, failure to do so can cause gum […]

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