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Protect Your Generator

For automatic standby generator owners, ensuring your unit is prepared for operation at all times is of the utmost importance, particularly during the winter months. When proper maintenance is not scheduled, subsequent issues may occur. Whether you want to prevent your pipes from freezing or ensure your family stays warm when power isn’t available to your home’s heating system, following the preventative steps will help keep your generator ready for unexpected outages when extremely low temperatures and inclement weather compromise the availability of utility power in your community.
Provide enough clearance, clear accumulated snowfall from the sides and top of your unit to provide at least five feet of clearance at all times. Doing so can keep your generator from overheating during operation and will prevent ice build-up on the generator’s enclosure and internal parts. Failure to provide the amount of clearance required for the optimal operation of your product can cause issues that may render an automatic standby generator inoperable.Generac-HSB-Winter-Snow

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