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Winter 2018

Snowstorms in the early months of 2018 pummeled the East Coast, bringing cold temperatures and heavy snow. Nearly two million homes and businesses were without power after the wet, heavy snow and high winds knocked down trees and toppled power lines.

Standby generators can help ensure your business and home is prepared for the issues associated with winter power failures. Winter and subfreezing temperatures make starting and running generators more difficult, so fall is a good time to prepare the emergency power source for the cold and snow to ensure it is ready to run.

Generators need to be inspected before each winter season and again before a winter weather event to make sure the unit will start and run without incident. Operators should clear accumulated snowfall from the sides of the unit. Doing so can keep the generator from overheating during operation and will prevent ice build-up on the generator’s enclosure and internal parts. The operator should walk around the generator and inspect it to make sure there are no loose items.

In the event of a storm, consideration should also be given to fuel delivery problems due to weather, shortages and other conditions.


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