Generators, Transfer Switches & Accessories

At NNG, generators are our only business. That is why we consider ourselves generator specialists. We are a team of expert technicians and sales associates trained in all aspects of sales, service, warranty and installation of residential and commercial generator applications. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with professional installations and reliable service. You get a turnkey installation supported by factory trained service technicians when you purchase your generator from NNG.

We start by determining the correct generator type and size to meet your specific needs. All generators are thoroughly inspected and load tested to capacity prior to installation to ensure performance standards are met per the manufacturer’s specifications. Site preparation is then performed which may require a pre-formed or poured concrete pad or raised platform. NNG performs all aspects of your generator installation. The electrical portion of the installation utilizes the appropriate automatic transfer switch and load management equipment that will provide a customized generator support system. The fuel portion of the installation for gaseous spark ignited generators determines the quantity of fuel and type of storage required for your desired run time and includes the installation of a propane system or the connection to your existing propane or natural gas supply. You may purchase your propane tank directly from NNG or lease from a supplier. We also install diesel powered generators. We complete the job by performing a factory authorized warranty start-up conducting a power failure simulation for a step-by-step demonstration of your standby system.