Slip Ring Service and Brush Replacement

The Problem: Over a period of time, generator slip rings become tarnished, oxidized and coated with dirt and carbon. This contamination build-up results in poor contact between the brushes and the slip rings. The voltage regulator attempts to maintain a constant output voltage by supplying enough current to support the load. When the resistance is high due to dirty slip rings, the regulator must supply a higher voltage in order to obtain the same current. This causes the regulator to work harder, run hotter and fail prematurely. In addition, the increased resistance causes the slip rings to run hotter than normal, further aggravating the tarnish and oxidation problem. The brush material will also cause the brushes to stick in their holder and stop electrical flow to the rotor. The answer is to keep the slip rings clean.

Cleaned and properly performing slip rings

Cleaned and properly performing slip rings

Poor performing slip rings with contamination build-up

Poor performing slip rings with contamination build-up

Slip rings need continual maintenance to avoid degradation of the rotating electrical connection caused by normal wear and debris. We have found that one of the largest causes of generator failure is fouled, dirty, or damaged slip rings and brushes. Additionally, such repairs may take up to three hours making it difficult to perform during mass power outages The Solution: Take advantage of our slip ring cleaning service. At NNG Standby Generators we encourage our customers to have their generator’s brushes replaced and slip rings cleaned and re-finished to ensure it continues to operate properly at peak performance. Your comfort, security and peace of mind are important to us. Contact us to schedule a brush and slip ring service today.