Surge Protection

Whole-house surge suppression protect gadgets and appliances from unexpected power spikes. Electrical surges-usually caused by lightning strikes-can damage more than just sensitive home electronics like computers, game consoles, stereos and home entertainment systems. They can also fry basic household appliances. Nearly every electric item in a modern home, right down to kitchen ranges, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and fans, has components that can be damaged by a sudden spike of current.

Whole-houses surge suppressors are the best option for protecting your home electronics and wiring from the damage created by lightning strikes.

Properly installed, whole-house surge suppressors work by diverting power spikes before the excess current gets to your internal wiring. To do this, they use metal oxide varistors (MOVs) that dissipate the excess current. You can conceptualize them as a floodgate. At normal voltages, the gate is closed, preventing leaks. But if the voltage gets too high, the gate opens, allowing the excess current to pass to ground, protecting the devices and appliances in your home.

In the event of a large surge of power, the suppressor will likely burn out as they act to protect your electronics .

The GEN-160-SER is designed to be the first line of defense against damaging electrical surges and spikes origination from utility power lines. The GEN-160-SER is U.L. Approved and designed for installation at the Utility Entrance of the generator transfer switch, providing robust protection for both the transfer switch and the whole home against damaging electrical surges and spikes.

  • UL Approved for installation on the service entrance side of Generator Transfer Switches.
  • Robust 160,000 Surge Amp Capacity
  • Thermal fused metal oxide varistor (MOV) suppression technology
  • Light-emitting diode (LED) visual indicator for transfer switch protection status
  • Type 4 Enclosure suitable for transfer switches installed inside or outdoors
  • Provides transfer switch and whole house surge protection

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